Where can I install the system in my helmet?

Head to tryflow.co/install to see detailed instructions.

How long do the scent cells last?

The scent cells should last about two weeks if installed into a helmet that is used on rides often. If the cell and diffuser are stored within the envelope, you can extend the life of the scent for much longer.

Where are your essential oils from?

We work with a fragrance house based in the US and France. They source their natural essential oils from around the world.

Is it easy to remove the system from your helmet?

The magnetized diffuser can be easily removed when you want to take a break. We don’t recommend removing the base from your helmet as it is meant to withstand any conditions you may experience while riding a bike (rain, heat, dirt, etc) so the adhesive is strong and may damage your helmet interior if removed. 

How do I dispose of the scent cells?

The scent cells can be recycled and are simply a paper and fabric blend.

Lost a piece of the system?

Reach out to us, happy to send along replacement parts. sup@tryflow.co

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